The Bleckley Inn

Bleckley Inn Exterior

Bleckley Inn Exterior

Shortly after housing the Clydesdale Horses for a local event in a building originally constructed in 1900 as a carriage house, the client realized the need for a small quality hotel for visitors to Anderson’s historic downtown. The client’s goal was to obtain a traditional design with a modern flair.

This project came with many challenges in an effort to achieve the client’s wishes and desires. The first challenge was to keep the two existing two level buildings on the site and develop a new two level building connecting the three, while becoming the primary entry for guests thereby transforming the main level and insuring a connection with the event area, dining area, and conference rooms. Next the client requested that the design utilize three types of rooms to accommodate guests’ different lengths of stay. With all guest quarters located on the upper level, the client wanted a focal stair near the elevator to give a more inviting feel as you enter the foyer. Because the project is located in the downtown area and adjacent to a busy street, the need for quiet comfortable rooms was an essential requirement. Incorporating a suite for a resident innkeeper adjacent to the lobby and reception was important to the client as to provide constant contact for guests. The final challenge of the project was to incorporate public areas allowing dining, conference and event space, and the need for a full commercial kitchen for catering and food preparation so that it may be serviced from non-public areas.

Through a progression of ideas, this project brings together many uses of residential, hospitality, and event spaces to one corner in this historic downtown. This project is to provide downtown Anderson with a missing link. The connection is made maximizing the use of existing and new space on the upper level for three types of rooms: single king rooms, oversized double king rooms, and one-bedroom suites to fill the need for a more extended stay. Because the hotel is located in the downtown area, all the guest rooms utilize laminated glass on the street side of the building and an insulated staggered wall stud to emphasize the need for quietness inside the rooms.

Once these main areas are accomplished, the design process moved on to ancillary areas. This process led to incorporating a previously existing storage shed into a dining and event space while maintaining the character of existing stone and brick walls. Public restroom facilities were designed and placed in such a way as to allow access for each event and dining area, conference rooms, as well as the main lobby area.




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